Knowing your marketing strategy can answer all of your questions:

  • Should we be doing this?
  • Is this the most important thing right now?

Your marketing strategy should be tied to your business vision

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It starts with a

Setting the vision for the business will dictate everything the business does. It’s the idea the company is built upon, and how you see the future.

Once this is set, everything that happens next will be tied back to whether it furthers this vision.

Driven by

Missions are the vehicles used to drive toward the vision.

You can have multiple missions that help you fulfil your vision, some which work together, others which work on their own, but all aim to get you to the future you set our in your vision.

Realised by

Objectives help you realise how well you are achieving your missions, or how close you are to completing them.

Usually in the form of KPI (key performance indicators) or OKRs (Objective based Key Results) that measure your success.

Steered by

Strategies are the multiple ideas that can help deliver your missions.

These ideas must be linked to your missions to help you understand which strategies to focus on. Strategies that fall under your priority mission usually take precedence over any other idea you’d like to try.

Achieved by

Tactics are the small actions you need to take to deliver the strategy. Without tactics, nothing will happen.

All these small actions will eventually, one by one, lead to you fulfil your strategies, and deliver your mission, to become the future you foresaw in your vision.


Create marketing that makes people happy


Hire amazing staff that do great work and pair them with brilliant customers


When asked “did we make you happy”, 95% of people said yes.


Speed up the delivery of the first project which is causing the most pain


Focus less on other projects,
Keep the first deployed core team small,
Work agile.

How do I
translate my
strategy into
a marketing

Now that you know the wider commercial requirements, we need to understand what marketing tactics are required to meet those objectives.

This can be visualised by The Bowtie

The bowtie looks at the wider view of the marketing landscape to determine how everything will work together, from the first moment a company becomes aware of you right through to them becoming an evangelist of your product or service.

All of these moments are linked and reply on each other in some way, even if they are far away from each other in the process, like a happy customer case study being promoted to a potential lead in on social media.

The bowtie

The Ascension model

What do I do next
with my Strategy?

Next, you’ll need to prioritise your missions, strategies, and tactics, and create a roadmap of achievement.

You’ll need to be SMART about what you think is achievable, and regularly come back to remember your VMOST and check you are seeing success delivering your roadmap.

What is a

As well as making it clear what you’re doing, a roadmap also explains what you’re not doing.

A roadmap helps you understand how what you’re working on now relates to future work and the priorities that you set out in your VMOST. A roadmap gives you a set of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, & Timely actions that, when completed, will help you achieve your goals.

Do you need a VMOST and
Roadmap to
kick start your

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